Sunday, December 6, 2015

30+ "Go-To" Recipes From Moms for Moms

If your family is like our family, you're finding yourself pretty busy these days with the holidays approaching. Every weekend is pretty full with different celebrations, and the weekdays are blend of trying to stick to routine but balancing interruptions.

It's during busy times like these that I feel like I resort to those tried and true recipes that I love and know pretty well. I know my kids will enjoy them and they won't take too long to put together.

So with that in mind I asked some of my favorite mom bloggers out there what are their everyday "go-to" recipes.

1. Danya Banya shares easy whole wheat, sugar free banana pancakes that look like a great way to to start the day.
2. We probably make these One Bowl Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins at least every other week. A true staple in our house.
3. Oh wow, what kid would not love starting their day with Breakfast in a Cone? Check out this easy muffin treat recipe at The Pleasantest Thing.
4. Sunny Day Family has a recipe for Best Ever Banana Bisquick Muffins, easy and yummy!
5. These Cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Study at Home Mama look absolutely divine!
6. Another family favorite muffin recipe for us includes these Applesauce and Yellow Raisin Spiced Muffins.

Snacks & Lunch
7. Chocolate snack bread from Danya Banya for a yummy and healthy treat.
8. Mmmm, three ingredient monkey bread made in single serving sizes over at the Pleasantest Thing. Yes, please!
9. This is my "go-to" cookie recipe when I need to make a sweeter treat: Chocolate Craisin Oatmeal Cookies.
10. Homemade hummus that all different aged kiddos will enjoy from The Pleasantest Thing.
11. The boys love when I make this Apple Nutella Blossoms, they're easy and they feel like such a treat for them too!
12. You can slip these Pirate Pinwheels sandwiches into a lunch box or share them as a snack.

Soups & Stews
13. Make this Taco Soup from The Chaos and the Clutter ahead of time and pop it in the freezer. When you're ready for it, cook it in the crock pot. So easy!
14. Life at the Zoo has a Curry Carrot Soup that kids and grownups alike both love!
15. Make lentil stew from Study at Home Mama to warm up in the chillier months.
16. We make this Chicken Sausage Tortellini Soup both in the crockpot and on the stove top. Easy and delicious!

17. Warm and hearty looking this savory pot roast from Arts and Crackers looks delicious, and even better it's a crockpot recipe!
18. Why not serve a fast baked bean dish using beans and tomatoes? Quick and easy from Snotty Noses blog.
19. Another yummy crock pot choice, this chicken and veggie dish from One Crazy House looks delicious.
20. These Mushroom Burgers from Milk, Crafts, and Honesty are ready in about half an hour. Perfect timing for a busy night.
21. On cold nights, this BBQ Pork Chop Simmer dish from Life With 4 Boys is sure to warm up everyone in the family!
22. Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese with lentils from Snotty Noses Blog is a great alternative to the typical meat version.
23. The Chaos and the Clutter shared an easy recipe for Beef and Corn Casserole, even better if you need to you can use gluten free noodles to make it gluten free. This can also be made ahead and frozen, so all you need to do is cook it!
24. Even if your kids don't like veggies, they're likely to love this Cauliflower Cheese dish from Snotty Noses blog.
25. The Chaos and the Clutter also shared this Crock Pot Pizza Casserole which also works great as a freezer meal! What kid doesn't like something to do with pizza?
26. You can easily add roasted veggies to any meal, especially pasta, using this trick from Snotty Noses blog.
27. We use premade dough so this "stuffed snake" stromboli is a breeze to put together and a huge hit with the boys.
28. Vegan nachos from Milk, Crafts, and Honesty are hearty enough to made into a meal.
29. One of my husband's favorite types of take-out food is Chinese, but you can make it at home in this crockpot recipe for Chicken and Broccoli Teriyaki from Tales for Ashes and Beauty.
30. Sunny Day Family shares her secrets for creating an easy Vegetarian Chili in this recipe.

Homemade Family Drinks
31. These babyccino drinks from Danya Banya look easy but tasty!
32. Your kids can help make this sugar free lemonade from Study at Home Mama.

What a great collection of recipes that should keep your busy days just a little more calm! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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