Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gingerbread Playdough Kit

As the holidays come up, it's nice to have something on hand for the other kiddos in our life. Even though we don't always give gifts to the adults around us, I do like having something little for the kiddos we play and visit with. It's even better if the gift can be something homemade and doesn't cost a lot.

Last year I had thought about putting together some kind of playdough kit, but couldn't find the right cookie cutters I had in mind. This year I was excited to find plastic gingerbread cookie cutters for 99¢ at our local grocery store. This lead to creating our Gingerbread Playdough Kits. 

The biggest part of our kit involves creating a batch of our Gingerbread Baby Playdough, you can find the recipe here. I made a double batch, and was be able to get four gift sets out of a double batch.

To create the rest of the kit, I added the following things:
Gingerbread boy cookie cutter
Colorful buttons
Google eyes
One small container
One medium sized "flat" container
Small ziplock bag

After making the playdough, I let it cool a little bit before bagging it into the small ziplock bags. Each ball of dough was about the size of a baseball. The buttons and eyes combine easily into a small container. All of the items, including one gingerbread cookie cutter, go into the small, shallow container. 

Once the whole kit was assembled (including bagging the playdough and putting a lid on the button/eye container) it was ready to be packaged up. We kept it simple by adding a little raffia ribbon and a small gift tag. 

I also added a small book of gingerbread boy stickers, which I recently found at JoAnn Fabrics. Kids would not necessarily use the stickers with the playdough, but looking at them might give some ideas for how to "decorate" their playdough cookies. 

We're hoping all our little visitors and friends will enjoy our gingerbread playdough kits this year! 

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