Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apple Nutella Blossom Snack

Now that Big Brother is an official kindergartner, it means I need to start thinking about real after school snacks. His busy and long day mean that he arrives home pretty hungry. On the first day of school I treated all of us to this yummy snack: Apple Nutella Blossoms.

For quite a while now this has been an easy weekday dessert, 
but it also makes a great afternoon snack!

1 large fresh apple
Handful of Cherrios (optional)
(We find that we can make at least 3 blossoms with one apple, our favorite apples to use for this snack are Pink Lady.) 

Core and slice the apple into pieces that are about 1/8in to 1/4in thick (it looks prettiest if you slice them all about the same width.) 

Place 1 tablespoon of nutella into a small snack/prep bowl. Place the apples around the edge of the bowl so that one end is dipped into the nutella and the pieces stick upright. We added a few Cherrios to the middle, to look like a flower center. 

The boys ate up the apples and asked for a few more. We all love the taste of the crisp apples with the chocolate! You can look forward to seeing some more after school snacks from us as the year goes on. 

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