Monday, May 19, 2014

Simple Straw Drop for Toddlers

I know I've already shared several drop activities for babies and toddlers, but Little Brother has been enjoying this activity for over a week, so I couldn't resist sharing. It was so easy to put together and such a great way to work on fine motor skills.

He loves putting small things into other containers, which inspired me to put together this one afternoon. I used regular drinking straws, a cardboard coffee can, and a hole punch to create this simple activity. 

First, I used the hole punch to make small circles around the plastic lid of the coffee container. 

I cut the straws so they were just a little smaller than the can.

I set up the activity on the living room rug for Little Brother. Big Brother was engaged in his own play, so Little Brother had a rare moment to truly explore the play activity uninterrupted. The minute he saw it he knew exactly what to do. He started putting the straws through the holes into the can. 

I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised with how quickly and easily he was able to manipulate the straws through the holes. 

He's still continued to work with the straws the rest of the week. Each time he works on it he gets very quiet and focused, which for us is always a blessing to slow him down! But we also love watching how proud and determined he is do his work. 

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