Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Monthly Goals: Be A More Proactive Blogger

Hard to believe that almost a year ago I started setting out monthly goals. Throughout the year I feel like the goals have helped me to focus on a variety of house and family related realms. I've loved seeing and feeling progress over the course of the year. With progress in a lot of areas, one area I still need to focus on is blogging.

I love writing this blog and I can't believe that this spring it will have been three years since I began. But it's amazing how quickly time can go by and some of the things I'd hoped to do still haven't happened or become routine. So for the last month of 2015, I've decided to make my focus stay here, on Kitchen Floor Crafts.

I've learned through my one year of setting monthly goals that it is better for me to keep them shorter and streamlined. So although there are lots of ideas for goals, I'm keeping myself to five. (I also figure with the busy holiday month ahead of us, this is much more realistic.)

1. Get better at sharing my content. 
I know that the only way I'm going to get my ideas out there for people to read (and hopefully try) is to be more proactive about sharing my own content. So with that in mind I'm going to focus on sharing more of my posts over the course of the week. Luckily I already have a great resource for link-ups and other social media sharing sources, now I just need to share more often. My goal is to connect to at least 5 link-ups a week and post at least 2 blog projects on Instagram a week.

2. Be better about scheduling posts ahead.
Although we're often busy doing things here at Kitchen Floor Crafts, many of the projects never make it to the blog as I run out of time to write them up. This month I'm going to work more proactively at putting them together and scheduling posts to they can run more regularly.

3. Update the "About Us" section. 
Yup, not even going to link to it yet . . . but luckily it's a one time, quick fix.

4. Come up with an actual Kitchen Floor Crafts logo. 
Stay tuned, as I am excited to see how I can do this in a creative manner.

5. Connect with other bloggers. 
In my time of blogging I've been interested to discover that much of blogging is also about networking. I'm looking forward to reaching out more to other bloggers, spending more time commenting on their posts, sharing their content, and connecting through blog hops. I'm hoping to find a specific smaller group that really connects with the same type of projects I share too. Luckily, beyond the blog I've also got FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest to help with fostering these connections.

5 very specific goals about a pretty specific topic. A big change from how I started out the goals last year, but ones that I hope will lead me to some realistic changes. I'm looking forward to spending a little time this month focused on this place I'm pretty proud of.

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  1. These are great goals! I hope you make great progress with all of them.