Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pirate Pinwheels

I had to laugh the other day when I asked Big Brother what he wanted to bring to his preschool end of year potluck, and he wanted to bring a whole bunch of "Pirate Pinwheel" sandwiches.

I laughed, because there are some parts of parenthood that you think out and plan for, but there is a whole lot of parenthood that you do on the fly. And because often, planning or no planning, it can all depend on how you spin it.

Pirate pinwheels is one of those moments for us.

Although I wouldn't consider Big Brother to be a majorly picky eater, like many kids he has his favorites and non-favorites in terms of food. Last fall we were definitely stuck in a sunbutter and jelly sandwich rut for lunch boxes and I was looking for some ideas to change it up. Big Brother was resisting most other sandwich options. That was until randomly one day I came up with "Pirate Pinwheels" because I had cocktail swords, salami, and whole wheat soft tortillas on hand.

I rolled the salami up inside the whole wheat tortilla, stuck several swords through in multiple places and cut them into small circles.

He was enthralled, and suddenly we had another option for lunch. (As long as we continued to call them the special name, because really, it's all in the name anyway.)

For his preschool party I switched up ingredients, to make a variety of different sandwiches: ham and swiss, turkey and provolone, salami and muenster, plain salami. I also used some different wraps, including whole wheat, tomato, and spinach.

The thing was, because Big Brother had told all his friends, and because they came with a sword, they were a huge hit with all the kids at the party. I even overheard other children asking for more pirate pinwheels.

And so, the fun of "Pirate Pinwheels" continue. 
**(And yes, these are sandwiches that should be eaten with supervision, as they are still sharp swords in the end. But I do even let Little Brother eat them too.)**

What funny names have you given a food item in order to get your child to eat it? 

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