Friday, March 7, 2014

Sticky Rainbow Collage

This is definitely the time of year when we need a little color in our world. It feels like it will be forever until spring arrives. As we were in search of a little color, and I was feeling inspired by all the St. Patrick's Day rainbows I see popping up online, I decided to set up a Sticky Rainbow Collage.

In January we discovered the fun of sticky collages, and now we've tried both a used wrapping paper collage and an arctic collage. But this was the first time I've drawn on lines for our work.

Our materials included clear contact paper, old magazines, and scraps of colored paper. What we're finding fun about these collages is that we get all the fun of collage without the mess of glue. The project is approachable for even the littlest of hands too!

Before beginning the work, and before peeling off the paper backing, I drew a rainbow image with permanent marker onto the plastic side. I decided to write each color word onto a line, but this meant writing the letters backwards so that when I peeled off the paper and placed it on the wall the letters would go the right way. It was tricky, but it worked out in the end.

Big Brother worked hard to find images in the magazines that matched each color. As most of the magazines were cooking magazines, a lot of them were food images. Although he knows his colors and the rainbow, if he got confused on where an item might go he would start at red and say the colors in order. He filled in the gaps with paper scraps. 

We both loved how it looked at the end, and we've left in hanging in the kitchen so we can enjoy the great colors for many days to come!

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