Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Arctic Sticky Collage

A few weeks ago we had a lot of fun with our Used Wrapping Paper Sticky Collage which we spontaneously put together. When a family member gave us a box of old National Geographic magazines I thought it would be fun to try a "themed" collage. As several of the magazines had polar animals, it seemed like it would be a good idea to try an arctic theme.

I was also inspired by the posts from this week's Discover & Explore Polar Animals theme to do our own learning around polar animals.

Before we started the collage, we read and looked at a handful of books I'd collected from the library. 
As we read them we talked about the different animals and how the places they lived were different from where we lived. We also talked about the snow, ice, mountains, cold water, and icebergs. 

After reading we started in on the collage. We started with the same base of contact paper on the wall. I added in the magazines, some recycled tissue paper and silver wrapping paper, tinfoil, silver tinsel, and white glitter. 

Big Brother and I found the pictures in the magazines that interested him. I cut out a few for him, but he was excited to cut out most of them on his own. 

He worked on it for quite a while, by dinner time he'd added a lot of animals, tissue paper snow, tinfoil ice, and glitter and punch snowflakes. 

He asked me to leave it up so he could add to it more tomorrow. Another successful extension to this type of project!

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