Sunday, March 9, 2014

Squeeze Paint Pots

We made a couple of these last summer and had a lot of fun with them but never posted about it. This week we wanted to create a housewarming present for some good friends, and decided this would be a fun hands on craft for Big Brother to create for them.

What's neat about them is you never know exactly how they are going to turn out. 

The materials included a terra cotta pot and craft acrylic paints. You want the paints to be pretty runny.  We found a couple of our older paints were too thick to really drip the way we wanted them to. Big Brother really wanted to use the glitter acrylic paints from Martha Stewart's line at JoAnn Fabrics. I wasn't sure how they would work but in the end they looked great!

To begin with, tape over the hole on the bottom of the pot and place the pot upside down onto some type of holder. I used a clean, plastic fruit jar, but something like a spaghetti jar would also work really well. We placed it on a tray for easy moving when it was done, but so it could also stay upside down while it dried. 

Next comes the fun, and easy, part. Just start squeezing paint onto the bottom of the pot. The paint will start to drip over the edges of the pot. 

After we squeezed a lot of paint onto the top I carefully picked up the pot and gently twirled it so more would drip down over the sides. We then added some more paint and repeated the twirling again. 

Big Brother was pretty excited about how it looked and really liked the glitter paint he'd chosen. 

Afterwards we let it dry for at least 24 hours. Before giving it to our friends I sprayed it with clear acrylic paint so that it would be somewhat protected from water once it was in use with plants. We gave it to them with an ivy plant as part of their house warming gift. 

We definitely love the look of these pots. Thinking ahead to spring they would make great gifts for Mother's Day or teacher appreciation gifts as well. Our next experiment is to try a rainbow squeeze pot!

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