Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mud Season Monster Truck Bin

Everywhere I look there are reminders that spring is coming: Facebook, all the stores, Pinterest . . . that is everywhere I look that is not outside our windows. Last week's storm dumped another 18 inches on us, which has settled on top of what we already had to place us back in a Winter Wonderland. And these weeks cold temps are not helping.

Of course, in our part of New England before we get to spring we need to get through Mud Season. It's the fourth season here in Vermont. At this point I'd love to see that bare, brown time of year with just a hint of green; but you can remind me of that in a few weeks when I'm groaning at how the mud keeps getting tracked into the house.

To have a little fun with that idea I set up a Monster Truck Mud Season Bin for Big Brother. It's already gotten him excited about the idea that spring may actually be coming.

For the bin I used our Chocolate Cake Playdough. I originally saw this recipe on I Can Teach My Child as a "Digging for Bugs in the Mud" post. Our playdough was still left over from our Valentine's Day Chocolate Play, so I had used the smaller amounts. I think that actually the original amounts would probably be better for this type of play.

With the playdough I added in a bag of floral rocks from the dollar store, a handful of sticks from outside, and some cardboard tubes. And of course, what goes better with mud than monster trucks and four wheelers? This is especially true for Big Brother as he and Daddy went to a monster truck "mud bog" last spring on a daddy date, and he still talks about it.

I could barely take a picture before he jumped into playing with the bin. 

The trucks had all sorts of problems and adventures: getting stuck, racing, and lining up to take turns. 

This bin is definitely a keeper, especially for kiddos who are getting a little tired of winter and hoping spring is right around the corner!

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    1. I have to admit I even played with this bin a little too, setting up some routes for the trucks to drive through.