Thursday, March 20, 2014

Painting Snow- Inside!

We put this together on a whim this evening and we had so much fun with it I had to share it tonight. Dinner was taking a little longer than expected, and after a funny weather afternoon it was suddenly nice out. As it was too late to get everyone into their snow gear to go out, I decided to bring it inside!

We've painted snow outside before, we've used it to add color to snowmen and snow forts. We've also played with snow inside before, but we've never combined them. It was a hit!

We had been using liquid watercolors earlier in the week and I still had them set up in the cups. They're great for painting snow because the colors are so bright. We have a limited set of liquid watercolors, as we found them at a yard sale, but I'm still hoping to get a full set someday. 

Big Brother was pretty excited as soon as I mentioned what we were going to do. I filled a large cookie tray with snow, packed it down, and let him go to town. 

Our colors are mostly jewel toned, which showed up beautifully on the snow. 

Of course Little Brother was instantly interested too, so we set up a small tray for him on the floor. On his tray we added blocks, trucks, and shovels. 

As the snow is expected to linger around longer, we may find ourselves experimenting again. 

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