Sunday, February 14, 2016

Veggie Print Valentine's Cards

I absolutely love seeing all the creative ways other bloggers have come up with to create Valentine's Day cards. Although the "big day" is officially here, I wanted to share one more sweet way we made cards for family members this holiday.

Actually, maybe it would be better to say one more not-so-sweet way we came up with making Valentine's Day cards in that we used vegetables. In the past we've enjoyed using potato prints to make Snowmen Cards and Printed tea towels. This time we included potatoes and branched into other types of vegetables.

Celery (just the base of a celery heart)
Washable Paint
Colorful Card Stock

First I cut the veggies up. The celery was just cut a few inches above the base (and the tops I stuck back into the fridge for another day.) The carrots I simply sliced so that we had a nice, even circle. The potatoes took a little more work as I cut them into the shape of a heart. I found it easiest to cut them in half first and then cut a heart out of each side.

We used card stock in shades of red and pink. Each piece was cut to about 4 by 5.5 inches. We also used red and white washable poster paint. We used red, white, and mixed a little of both to make pink. A three compartment snack dish was perfect for holding paint for this project. 

To create the prints the boys dipped the veggies into the paint and lightly pressed the vegetable onto the paper. Sometimes we found it was good to first press the excess paint off on another piece and then print onto the paper. 

The potatoes obviously made hearts and the carrots made circles. The celery made prints that looked flower, especially rose, like. I'd seen this a while ago on a couple of different project ideas on the internet, but never tried it ourselves. It was really pretty!

The cards dried pretty quickly, and were an easy way to create some more unique Valentine's Day cards! 

We hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day with your family and special loved ones! 

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