Wednesday, February 24, 2016

20+ Rainbow Recipes For All Times of the Day

A few years ago we discovered Rainbow Pudding Cups, and somehow they have become a St. Patrick's Day tradition for our family, even though they are not at all traditional to the holiday. But we also enjoy making them at other times of the year, because they are just so fun and colorful.

This inspired to search around the web and find even more creative, fun, and colorful Rainbow Recipes. In fact, we've found over 20 of them for you to enjoy and spread across the day!

Rainbow Fruit & Veggie Recipes
1. Colorful and healthy Rainbow Snack Plate from Mama.Papa.Bubba.
2. Serve these to a whole class, or just your own kiddos, Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Cups from Sugar Aunts. (Featured Image.)
3. Mix colorful fruit in cups and popcorn on the side to have a rainbow and clouds snack like they did at Teach Preschool.
4.  Lemon Lime Adventures shares a great idea for a delicious and healthy rainbow parfait. What a great breakfast idea! (Featured Image.)
5. JDaniels4Mom shares a fun idea for a veggie rainbow snack with hummus on the Kids Activities Blog.
6. Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels from Dinner at the Zoo, colorful and yummy looking!
7. Play and Learn Everyday keeps it simple and colorful with Rainbow Fruit and Yogurt Dip. Could make a great after school snack. (Featured Image.)
8. Rainbow Roasted Veggies are a great addition to any meal, as they show us in Play and Learn Everyday.
9. Mini Fruit Tacos from Sugar Dish Me are definitely colorful, but too pretty not to eat.

Fun & Creative Ideas
10. Make snacking extra special with End of the Rainbow Trail Mix from Pint-sized Treasures.
11. It doesn't have to have lots of sweetness to make it fun, this Rainbow Water from Happy Hooligans is a great idea.
12. Even spaghetti can be made rainbow colored like they did at the Kids Activities Blog. What a silly treat for dinner. (Featured Image,)
13. My kids would be thrilled if I served them this Swedish Fish Sushi with Rainbow Ramen from Mini Monets and Mommies.
14. Add a little bit of each color to your quiche to create a Rainbow Quiche just like they did over at Picklebums.
15. Kids Craft Room shares a recipe for edible paint so you can create your own rainbow bread.

Sweet Treats
16. Kids can work on color sorting while getting ready to prep these Rainbow and Pot of Gold Treats from I Can Teach My Child.
17. Bake up a rainbow with these cookies from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.
18.  How bright and colorful are these rainbow swirl cookies from B-Inspired Mama?
19. With the right cookie cutter and skittles you can make these adorable End of the Rainbow Cookies from Mess for Less.
20. Why just stop at rainbows? Why not make Unicorn Poop Cookies like the cookies they made at Kids Activities Blog.
21. The Jenney Evolution also used skittles to create Skittles Rainbow Bark. (Featured Image.)
22. These Easy Rainbow Cupcakes from Schooling A Monkey are adorable, and look super easy! (Featured Image.)
23. This jelly bean rainbow cake from the Imagination tree is absolutely adorable and beautiful. (Featured Image.)
24. Midwest Momma makes a gluten free rainbow treat with these Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cupcakes.
25. And of course, our current favorite . . . Rainbow Pudding Cups. (Featured Image.)

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  1. Thank you for featuring our rainbow fruits and veggies snack! Great collection!!

    1. Thanks Colleen, we love seeing all the colorful foods during this dreary time of winter. Your snack is great as it's also a healthy one too!