Saturday, February 27, 2016

Playdough Invitation to Build a Rainbow

The other day we had a friend over and I decided to set up an easy and colorful playdough invitation. Although the boys all created their own versions of a rainbow, because of the high energy they had that day, it wasn't quite as peaceful as imagined when I set it out. (There was a lot of monster and smashing talk while they built the rainbows . . .) But, there creations were colorful! And we were a little bit calmer afterwards.

Earlier this winter we adapted our basic cooked playdough recipe to make a white sparkly snow playdough for our snowmen at work playdough invitation. This white playdough has been a great base for other playdough invitations, including this one. 

For each kiddo I set out a small tray with a ball of white playdough, 6 different colored pipe cleaners, and a small handful of flat marbles. 

I decided to tell them their "challenge" was to build a rainbow using these supplies. Each kiddo approached it with their own style. 

Big Brother instantly started building an arched rainbow. 

He eventually ended his creation by adding lots of blue gems to the bottom of his rainbow. 

Little Brother had more of a smash and bend upwards approach. 

And our friend was somewhere in the middle, taking ideas from both of the other kiddos. 
When the boys were done I of course also had to take my own turn at building a rainbow too. 

This was a quick project, but a good way to bring down the high energy of the day a little. We've really been enjoying making things a little more colorful in lots of different ways. 

Did you take a look yet at the 20+ Rainbow Food Recipes we're finding inspiring? 

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