Thursday, January 2, 2014

Potato Print Snowmen

Our holidays are almost over, and with those coming to a close it's a good time to send our "Thank You" notes. As a child my grandmother used to remind me she needed a thank you note for gifts, and I'm trying to instill that in my own children. In this electronic age there is something nice about sending and receiving paper notes. As Big Brother is too little to write yet, I like to have him make the cards themselves.

We've been reading several different snowmen books this week so we decided to create snowmen thank you cards using potatoes prints. We cut one potato into several pieces. The top piece became the head, a middle piece the middle, and the bottom became the base of the snowmen. We also cut another middle piece into the shape of a hat.

We stamped the potatoes onto folded, colored card stock using washable poster paint. Some of the cards opened like a book, and others opened from the bottom up. We found the darker paper showed off our snowmen better. 

After stamping we let the paint dry for several hours. 

When the paint was dry we used colorful sharpie markers to add on some details like eyes, a nose, a mouth, buttons, and arms. 

When we were finished we had a collection of unique, individualized snowmen cards. I made a set as well to use when writing thank you notes to my students for their gifts. 

Although we made our snowmen into thank you cards, you could print these snowmen on to a lot of different things including collages, wrapping paper, paper bags, etc. 

What fun ways do you create thank you cards with your kids? 

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  1. Love how you added snowflakes in a gif! Good job! :) And boys did awesome job with cards! Happy holidays! :)

  2. I love how your picture is snowing that is brilliant! Lovely craft idea!