Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heart Play on the Light Table

Valentine's Day is coming, which means it's a great time to create and play with hearts. A few years ago I bought these fun plastic hearts at The Dollar Tree. We've used them in other sensory play ideas before, like this Valentine's Day Sensory Bin.

But the other day I was inspired to try them on the light table. 

Little Brother and I were home on a pretty dreary and rainy afternoon, looking for some ways to brighten up the rest of the afternoon when we got out the Valentine's supplies and remembered these colorful hearts. 
Before putting them onto the table I collected some small plastic bowls (also purchased from The Dollar Tree) and a clear plastic egg carton. The egg carton actually folded out into three parts, which was great for the free play that was coming next. 

I set the materials up and let Little Brother begin to explore. 

It was great fine motor practice as he picked up the hearts and sorted them into the different carton portions. He also explored sorting by colors. 

His favorite action actually turned out to be dumping the hearts from one bowl to another. 

It was awesome to find another great way to use these versatile little hearts. 

Have you seen some of the other fantastic ideas we've been collecting around the internet on our Valentine's Day Pinterest Board? Come follow us. 

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