Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wet Chalk Exploration

Sometimes we create art because we want a finished product, and sometimes we explore it for the process. This art exploration was one we stumbled across, but we loved enough that we'll do it again.

I loved that not only was it colorful, creative, and hands on in many different ways, but it also became collaborative.

Our container of chalk had been left outside and after several days of rain it was quite wet and soggy. Despite how wet it was, it was still usable. I started showing the boys how it could make really bright, colorful marks on our outdoor chalkboard. Together we created a mural.

It was then I grabbed a few other materials to add to our art work: spray bottles and paint brushes. We filled the bottles with plain water and filled a small cup with water for the paint brushes. It was a pretty hot day so the boys loved using spray bottles with water. They noticed how the colors would mix and drip together. 

They also used the paintbrushes to swirl the watery chalk mix and to paint new designs. 

They kept spraying and painting until the chalk board was almost clean. 

Then they started again. 

This time Little Brother started dipping the chalk into the water cup before writing with it, so the color would be extra bright. 

This was a great art process project for a hot day, and a perfect backyard activity. It will definitely go on our outdoor summer activity list! 

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