Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lilac Scented Playdough

I love the sweet smell of lilacs in the spring time, but it always seems like the flowers last for such a short time.  We wait through early spring and by the time they open it's usually hot enough that they don't last for long.

So to savor the smell a little longer, I made up a batch of Lilac Scented Playdough! We still love a cooked playdough and used our basic cooked playdough recipe as a base for this batch. 
In addition to the regular ingredients I added in purple food coloring and lilac perfume oil. I bought this lilac perfume oil several years ago at The Body Shop. It's lasted quite a while and the smell is so realistic! Even though it's one of my favorite warm weather perfumes to wear, I was still willing to add a few drops to the playdough.

When I made up the playdough batch I added the food coloring and oil to the regular wet ingredients. After mixing the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients I cooked the playdough as we usually do on the stove top. I added about 3 drops of purple food coloring, and about 5 drops of the perfume oil to the mix. 

Even as the playdough cooked I could smell the sweet smell of lilacs! 

When it was finished and cooled down, I was pleased to discover it continued to have it's great spring smell! I'm excited we'll be able to keep the smell around a little longer even the our own lilac trees have stopped flowering. 

Please note: This playdough is no longer "taste safe" when the perfume oil is added in. It should be used with supervision of young children. 

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