Friday, July 3, 2015

Monthly Goals: July 2015

I've been having so much fun enjoying our June Monthly Goals which included making a summer bucket list. You can find some of our summer bucket list moments over on Instagram.

But it's lead me to a new thought: making sure we don't over do it this summer.

July Monthly Goals: Plan to Unplan

We are one of those families who almost always have a plan. We're usually on the go, with things to do, people to meet, places to see. Even our "home days" have plans: projects to complete, to-do lists to check off and other work to finish up. 

And while I do work to make sure large chunks of our day are unstructured so the boys have the needed time to free play and explore, it's unlikely as a family that we have a day without something scheduled in. 

Last week we had an unusual day, the boys and I woke up on a Monday with nothing planned. We had the whole day ahead of us, and we could do anything we wanted. We had a leisurely breakfast, a long walk in the woods, some quiet time in the afternoon, and we spontaneously ended our day with a swim at our local river. 

In the end we felt so relaxed, and while I won't pretend there was no arguing among the boys, it was decreased. Our pace and tone just got to be slower and more free. 

This has inspired the idea that for the rest of this summer I'm going to make sure to plan in one "unplanned" day a week. One day that we can just wake up and see where the day takes us. I'm hoping to post a little more about our "unplanned days" on facebook

I'd love to know, what do you do in your family to make sure you get the needed down time families need in today's busy world?

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