Monday, June 1, 2015

Monthly Goals: June 2015

It's hard to believe we've been setting monthly goals for half of a year now. Each month I feel like things are getting a little more organized, a little more focused, and even a little more thoughtful!

But this month I've decided to switch up the goals a little and think a little differently than before. Our June goals are all about getting ready for summer so we can make the best of it when it gets here.

June Goals: Make a Summer Bucket List

It's been hard not to feel like summer is already here these past few weeks. The warmer temps, all of our outside time, and the fact we've been purposefully taking it a little slower this past month means that we've already been dipping our toes into summer fun. 

And even though there are still two weeks left of school and several more weeks until the official first few day of summer, it's made me think about how much I don't want summer to just slip past us this year. 

Every year I wait for school to wind down, and to recover from the madness a little, before feeling like I'm really ready to tackle summer fun. And before I know it, it's after July 4th and I feel like summer is whizzing by. This year, instead of waiting, we put together "Our Summer Bucket List" for June 1st, with the idea we can kick off our summer fun even sooner. 

We had so much fun a few years ago exploring all of our Alphabet Adventures that we decided to create our list using the alphabet. 

We are not planning to "work" alphabetically through the list, but merely to make sure we fill our summer with all the things on the list. Some things we may do once, several things we may repeat several times. 

Everyone in the family added to the list, so for a few letters we have more than one goal for our summer fun. It made for a really great family conversation to hear what everyone was looking forward to. 

Interested in creating your own "Summer Bucket List"? We've created a free printable for you and your family to add your own ideas to. 

We'll also be adding our moments to Instagram using the hashtag #summerbucketlist. Can't wait to see if you join us! 

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