Sunday, July 26, 2015

Roll, Count, Color to 100

We've been enjoying the Cool Math Series which has been going on this month. Earlier this month we shared 4 ways to Explore Symmetry at Home. Today we're sharing a new, homemade math game: Roll, Count, Color to 100.

For a while now, Big Brother has been interested in counting to 100, and he can pretty much do it as long as the gets a little help with the "tens." I wanted him to get a sense of what the tens actually meant, so I put together this math game. 

* Hundreds grid (We used this free printable from Creative Family Fun. It was clear and simple, which is perfect for this game.)
* Tens Grid (click here for a printable link)
* Dice
* Small counters (we used beads, but you could use beans, rocks, flat marbles)
* Crayons

To Play: 
Each player needs one hundreds grid and one tens grid. Each player also needs a crayon (or two).

The first player rolls the die and counts out that many counters. They put the counters in one rectangle of their tens grid. The next player then does the same thing.

Players keep rolling until they have ten counters in one rectangle. (If they go over ten counters before coloring, they put the extra counters into the next rectangle.) They then color in the first row of their hundreds chart. 

I had Big Brother say the numbers aloud as he colored them, so he could practice counting and saying each number while looking at it. Also, so that he could see the repeating pattern in numbers as they moved towards each ten. 

Players continue rolling the dice and counting out that many counters onto the tens grid. Each time they get ten counters in a rectangle they stop and fill in another row on their hundreds grid. 

The players continue rolling, counting, and coloring until one of the players reaches 100. That player wins. 

It's a simple and easy to create game which allows kids the opportunity to visualize what one hundred really looks like: on the hundreds grade and as 100 counters. Plus, they count and color it out as they go! 

The rest of this week different bloggers will be sharing other fun to create and play at home math games as part of the series. You can always check out some of the other posts below!

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