Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Windsock

With a few more weeks until St. Patrick's Day we're having fun creating colorful crafts to brighten up our house a little. Color means lots of green and rainbows! We settled on one craft where we could combine both of them: a St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Windsock.

This windsock is a decoration windsock for inside and is very similar to the one we made for the 4th of July this summer. 

White paper 12 x 18 inches
Sponges cut into shamrock shapes
Green paint
Green (or gold) glitter
Crepe paper streamers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
White glue
Hole punch

Before the boys started creating their part of the project I cut some regular (never used) sponges into shamrock shapes. We added green paint to a small tray for easy painting.

Both boys had a tray and shamrock sponges, which they used to paint on to the white paper. 

After they were done painting we sprinkled a little bit of green glitter onto the wet paint.  We then sent the papers aside to dry. 

When the papers were done drying it was time to start to creating our rainbow!

Big Brother measured the crepe papers across the width of the paper and cut each strip. ( I did Little Brother's strips for him.) We cut two strips of each color for each windsock. 

Afterwards we glued the strips in rainbow order onto the bottom of the paper. We repeated the rainbow twice. 

We could have waited for the strips to dry, but we were too eager to see our finished projects so we carefully rolled the paper up into a cylinder shape. (Short side to short side.) The painted side was on the outside and the top of the strips were on the inside.) We used the stapler to staple the tops and bottoms together. 

To finish the windsock we punched the three holes across the top and looped yarn through each hole. We tied the three pieces of yarn together at the top. 

We're loving our colorful rainbow windsocks, we've got one hanging in the living room and one hanging in the boys' room. 

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