Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Magnetic Marble Painting

This is a fun combination of science and art which I used to enjoy doing with my primary grade students. It was definitely time to try it with the boys.

The fun involves using magnetic tools, the power of magnets, and the messiness of painting to create art. 

Materials: poster paint, paper, magnet wand, magnetic marbles, box lid, and blocks.

Before painting I cut the paper to the size of the box lid. I used the blocks to build up a small platform on two sides. The platform was used to hold the lid of the box, and there needed to be some space underneath for using the magnetic wand.  

We put the paper into the box and put it onto the blocks. 

Next we squeezed a little of each color of paint we wanted to use into the middle of the paper and added one of our magnetic marbles. 

Big Brother placed the wand under the box and began to move it around. 

As he moved the wand under the box, the marble moved through the paint on the top of the paper. 

Big Brother experimented with mixing the paint and making different designs. He also played with how far he could move the magnet away from the lid and still have the marble move. 

The colors mixed and we experimented with adding even more colors. It was cool that the didn't all mix together to make brown, but stayed colorful. 

Little Brother also got excited to try his own painting, although he insisted on using just black. 

It was almost kind of magical watching the marble seem to move on its own through paint. And, the end results were colorful and pretty. 

Have you ever tried combining science and art?  I'd love to hear your ideas! 

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