Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July Windsock

For a few years before teaching elementary school I taught preschool and I always loved making this craft with kiddos. We hadn't made them here at home yet, but it was a perfect time to make them with the Fourth of July quickly approaching.


The materials are simple but the result is very festive!
For our wind socks we used 12 inch by 18 inch white construction paper, red and blue washable poster paint, white glue, blue ribbon, white glitter, and red and white crepe paper streamers. We also needed scissors and a hole punch to finish the project. 

To begin with you can really decorate the top in any way you would like, but we choose to decorate the tops with sponge painting. I cut sponges into stars and stripes and used red and blue paint. 

The kids used the sponges to decorate the white construction paper. 

They each chose to create their own designs and patterns. We also used a little bit of white glitter on the wet paint to add a little sparkle to the project. 

After the papers had dried we turned them over and used white glue to attach strips of crepe paper streamers. The kids cut their own streamers to the length they wanted. They also choose to create whatever pattern they wanted. We used red and white streamers, but you could also add in blue streamers. 

When the streamers were glued on it was time to create the cylinder of the windsock. We put the white glue down one of the short sides of the paper. Without folding the paper we attached the glued short side to the other side of the paper so that the decorated side is the outside of the cylinder. 

We used a hole punch to create four holes in the top of the cylinder evenly spaced around the top. We cut four long lengths of blue ribbon and looped each piece through one of the holes. We knotted the four loops at the top to create a hanger.

We hung them up so the glue could finish drying. 

Because they are made entirely of paper, I wouldn't recommend hanging them outside until the actual day. But they still make great indoor decorations too!

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