Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Character Votives

Earlier in the summer we had a lot of fun using recycled baby jars to create Under the Sea Votive Holders. Now that it's a new season, it was time to create a new set with a new theme: halloween!

These votive holders are really so easy to make, and can turn out really colorful and fun. We added a new lighting source for this set: finger lights from the dollar store. The lights are very bright and make the candle holders really glow. Plus they are easy for Big Brother to turn on and off  by himself. 

Our materials included cleaned baby food jars, craft acrylic paint, black permanent marker, and finger lights. 

To begin with we squeezed a little bit of paint into each jar. We chose colors based on what halloween character we wanted to create: ghost, jack-o-lantern, monster, witch, or vampire. 

The boys painted the insides of the jar so there was a thin coat around the whole jar. We then let them dry over night. (A few were still a little wet the next day so I placed them in a 200 degree fahrenheit oven for about 10 minutes. Be careful if you try this technique, the glass can get very hot and might crack or shatter if forgotten.)

When they were dry we used black sharpies to draw faces and details on the outside (the non-painted) side. Big Brother helped with some of the eyes and noses, but he asked me to do most of the faces. 

Afterwards we added in the glowing finger lights and admired our work! We noticed the lighter color paint worked a little better in terms of glowing and they looked better when we matched the color of the finger light as close as we could to the paint color. 

And of course we already used them to eat a "candle light" dinner by. How fun will they look alongside our real jack-o-lanterns in a few weeks? 

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