Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ghost Mud

Halloween is almost here, but we're still having some fun with different Halloween play ideas. Over the weekend we decided to get a little creative with some sensory play and experiment with a different take on cloud dough, which we're calling Ghost Mud.

Ghost Mud Sensory Play

We've made what is often called cloud dough in the past (you can see one example as Snow Dough here) which is made using flour and baby oil. We've also enjoyed making oobleck (corn starch and water) so we decided to try and mix up the two recipes by trying corn starch and baby oil together. 

For our play experiment we used two 16 oz. boxes of corn starch and probably about 1 1/2 cups of baby oil to start. Because I had the boys help me mix this was definitely one of the messiest play experiences we've had in a while. (Another great reason for that old kitchen floor.) We added the materials to a large plastic tub and then mixed it by hand. We added a little more baby oil until the mixture would form a ball when squeezed. We also added in some spider rings and small pumpkin buckets from the dollar store. 

The boys had a lot of fun filling the containers and hiding the spiders in the dough. 

We found that the dough was actually really squeaky, and sounded just like when you walk in the snow. Big Brother liked trying to make it rain onto his pumpkin patch. 

Ironically, we didn't do as much ghost play as we originally planned but we still called it ghost mud due to the white color and the squeaky sounds. And despite the mess it is definitely a play experience we'll try again!

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