Thursday, July 10, 2014

Under the Sea Votive Holders

This is a fun and simple craft using old baby food jars we made this week to go along with our current Ocean theme.

Using craft acrylic paint, clean baby food jars, and stickers we created these cute votive holders. 
(Project note: Don't have any baby food jars? Any small, smooth sided glass jar will work too!) 
I've been saving a large box of clean baby food jars for a while now, even though Little Brother has been eating table foods since the winter. They make a great craft material (as well as organizational container.) Getting the labels off can be tricky, but usually soaking them in hot water and using a little bit of some kind of adhesive remover (goof off or nail polish remover) can work. (Please note, using these methods mean this is an adult job.)

To paint them I set out craft acrylics in a variety of blue shades. 

The kids painted inside the jars. This makes the painting process much easier and even a little bit less messy. Little Brother even got interested and started his own jar (which I finished up for him.) 

Afterwards we put them out to dry. 

When they were done drying the kids used fish and ocean themed scrapbook stickers to decorate the outside of the jars. Our finished projects looked a little like a fish bowl or aquarium. 

We used battery operated candles to make them glow. We enjoyed ours on the dinner table. 

Have you checked out our All Things Ocean themed Pinterest board yet? We'll definitely be adding these there and sharing some other great ideas too! 

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