Friday, October 17, 2014

Room on the Broom Memory Game

This month's Virtual Book Club for Kids Author is Julia Donaldson. As she is not an author we know well we were looking forward to reading some new books and discovering a new author. Which is part of the fun of the Virtual Book Club for Kids! And of course it's also always fun to see what great project and activity ideas can come from these books.

Room on the Broom Memory Game

We decided to read Room on the Broom because it's a great fit for Halloween. 

A witch and her cat are happily riding their broom when the wind keeps blowing away her things. Luckily there are other helpful animals in the woods, who come along for a ride, and even save the witch in the end. We loved the rhymes and the fun story line.

Before reading I collected a bunch of small objects around the house which matched the characters and objects in the story. 
The items included: a cat, dog, frog, green bird, foam hat, wand, bow, flower, pine cone, and a bone. 

I also grabbed our "cauldron" from our Halloween collection. 

I laid all the objects out on a tray. 

After reading Big Brother had a few moments to study the tray. Then he turned around and I took one object and hid it into the cauldron. 

When he turned back around he had to figure out what item I had hidden in the cauldron. 

He studied it and took a guess, which was correct. Then it was his turn to hide an item in the cauldron for me. 

We took turns hiding and guessing objects, sometimes we would hide several objects at once. Big Brother's favorite turn was when he hid all the items and I had to list all of them!

The memory game was fun for both of us and was a great way to practice using different strategies to remember things. When Big Brother was stumped I would prompt him to remember different parts of the book or to think of objects all grouped together and see what was missing. And of course, it never hurts a Mommy to have a little memory practice too! 

What about you? Are you a fan of Julia Donaldson? Which book do you like best? 

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