Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alphabet Adventures: S is for Santa and T is for Train

I can't believe it's taken me this long to type up our S & T Alphabet Adventure, but we did have the fun of the holidays to distract us.

This was a very special Alphabet Adventure for several reasons. The first reason being that the tickets were a holiday gift from a dear friend. But it was also special as we had never participated in this event before and it was, of course, all about creating some holiday magic for the whole family.

The event is officially a reenactment of the beloved book, and movie, The Polar Express, organized by a local Lions' Club, but we turned it into our adventure: S is for Santa and T is for Train.

The Adventure
A weekend blizzard turned our area into a winter wonderland which added to our excitement as we headed to the local train station. With the boys dressed in their Christmas pajamas we couldn't wait to see how this adventure would turn out. Once there we picked up our golden tickets and waited to board the train car.
The tickets, the snow, the holiday music playing in the background, and the festive volunteers all added to the magical feeling of taking a ride to the North Pole. 

Once on the train we were served hot chocolate and cookies by waitstaff dressed in white shirts and white hats. The hot chocolate was just the right temperature and the cookies perfectly crisp. 

Progressing through the snowy woods along the frozen river it really did feel as though we were headed to Santa's home.
As we traveled there were several other nice elements the volunteers had created for all the passengers: a reading of the book, a group sing along, music from the movie soundtrack playing, and overall cheer from everyone. 

Soon we arrived at the station currently known as the "North Pole." Elves waved happily from the platform and we were quickly informed that Santa had boarded the train!
Big Brother was the first in our car to receive the "first gift of Christmas," a silver bell with a cheery jingle. He was too excited with his bell to capture a moment of it being held still. 

Although we had read the book before going on the adventure, we reread it when we got home to relive the fun of our own ride on The Polar Express. 

The Projects
In the bustle of the holidays we kept our projects simple. 

S is for Snowflake
We used our snowflake stamp and colorful ink to create a collection of snowflakes on our "S" page. 

T is for Tree
We took a small trimming off our tree and used it as a paint brush on our "T" page. 

Although it's taken a while to post, it was a very memorable Alphabet Adventure. And although we've headed into the New Year, we're still planning on wrapping up our Alphabet Adventure series. 

Other S Adventure ideas: seacoast, sundae shop, shopping, swamp, submarine museum, skiing, swimming, or snowshoeing.

Other T Adventure ideas: tea party, train station, or toy museum. 

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