Monday, January 20, 2014

Double Chocolate Valentine's Popcorn

Yesterday (January 19) was National Popcorn Day, which inspired Big Brother and I to experiment with a new popcorn recipe ourselves. In order to get ready for Valentine's Day, we decided to try out a new recipe we might want to give some of our own sweet valentines.

We've made white chocolate popcorn before, but decided this time to add in a semi-sweet chocolate element too. 

1/2 cup uncooked popcorn
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 1/2 cup white chocolate chips 
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
Valentine's Day sprinkles

We have a great air popper which we use often to make popcorn. Today was no exception. (If you don't have an air popper you can pop popcorn on the stove in a pot as well.) Big Brother loves scooping the popcorn into the machine. And then there's the waiting for the first pop . . .

And here they come . . .

Next we melted the white chocolate with the butter. I used a double boiler, but you can follow the directions on the bag for melting in the microwave. We added the melted white chocolate to the popcorn and gently tossed it until most of the popcorn was coated with chocolate. 

After we had tossed the popcorn we lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper and laid the popcorn on it to cool. While it cooled we melted the semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave. When it was fully melted, I drizzled it across the top of the popcorn. While I drizzled Big Brother sprinkled our fun Valentine's Day sprinkles on top. 

After a few quick tastes, we set the popcorn aside to cool for over an hour. For our evening dessert we officially sampled our new treat, and decided it was delicious! And maybe some of our valentines just might get a fresh batch in a few weeks.

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