Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Veggie Platters

We posted a quick picture of this the other day on our Facebook page, but wanted to extend it into a full post.

Over Thanksgiving week we were inspired by Pinterest to create this "turkey" themed veggie platter for one of our three family Thanksgivings. We love fresh veggies, and love to bring them as a dish to share at different holiday meals. I'm still hopeful that it I eat enough veggie sticks it magically negates the sweet treats we fill up on after the meals. Just kidding, but this is definitely a way to make veggies fun for kids. 

This past weekend we went to our first family Christmas party. Big Brother (who is a veggie lover already) particularly had enjoyed sharing the veggie platter, so it got me thinking about creating a Christmas themed one. Using peppers, cucumbers, and celery I created the tree. Orange and yellow peppers were used to create decorations, and grape tomatoes made the lights. Served with a side of creamy dip, it was a huge hit! 

Big Brother is already planning we'll make another one for his school party this week! 

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