Saturday, November 14, 2015

Potato Stamped Tea Towels

We were really excited to be able to participate in the Kid Made Gift Series that is being hosted by Teach Me Mommy. We really like making homemade gifts, especially around the holidays. These potato stamped tea towels were something I'd been thinking of trying for a while now, and we just love how they turned out! 

Potato stamping is always fun and versatile, as you can create just about any kind of stamp you want. In our case, we want these to be holiday gifts to we made Christmas themed ones. 

2 to 3 potatoes of various sizes
craft paint
solid white tea towels that are pre-hemmed (we bought ours in a multipack from Amazon) 
small trays or flat tupperware lids for holding the paint

I find it easiest to cut the potatoes in half and draw the design with pencil first. Next I use a small kitchen knife to cut the lines of my design. I then slow cut out the design from the  side of the potato. Any surface left raised will be the part to be printed in paint. 

We like to use take out lids (which are pretty flat) to hold the paint. I also put small scraps of cardboard cereal box under the layer I would be painting on so that the paint couldn't leak through to the other side. 

I set up the table so that the boys could share the different stamps. They placed a medium sized amount of paint onto the stamp and then pressed it down to the 

Each kiddo worked to create their own potato tamped design. 

Big Brother worked carefully to create different and unique designs. 

Little Brother started out carefully, but then got excited about creating his own work and stared moving through each towel a little more quickly. 

We also decided mid-project to add in some corks for creating cork circle painting. The circles really added to their designs. 

Some of stamped tea towels are not quite as "perfected" as the other ones; this is especially true of the ones that the kids made when they let their imaginations go a little more free in terms of their design. 

We love how they turned out! We can't wait to turn them into holiday gifts this winter!

Have you seen some of the other homemade gift ideas in this series? There are some beautiful and fun ideas!

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  1. Such a fun idea! Thanks for participating!

  2. So fun!! Thank you for sharing at Crafty Weekends!! I am featuring this craft this weekend!! I hope you will share with us again!