Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Crab Apple Print Making

It's hard to believe that autumn is around the corner, but you can sense it in the air. 
School starts next week and I've already spotted a few colorful leaves on the ground! So it's not hard to believe we're getting in the mood for a few fall crafts.

The crab apple tree in our yard is very abundant in our yard this year, and although we never do much with these apples, this year we're feeling a little more inspired to use them in some way. To start with we used them for some crab apple print making. 
We've really never had quite a year like this with the tree, there are so many crab apples! What's really neat about them is there are several different sizes of apples and that made for really cool prints.

Crab Apples
Washable paint (we used red, yellow, green)
Knife (to cut the apples in half)
Flat containers to hold the paint

To begin with we picked apples that were a variety of sizes and then cut them in half. We used the lids of take-out containers which are the right size and depth for the paint. 

The boys then began printing onto the paper. They shared the paint but each worked on their own paper. We decided to use card stock in case we wanted to turn the prints into cards. 

They gently placed the apples into the paint and then pressed them onto their papers. 

The variety of colors and sizes made the paintings really interesting and colorful!

Although we hope to find some other ways to use our crab apples, 
this was a great project to start with! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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