Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Four Seasons Wheel

Last week we shared our post for 10 Books to Read to Learn about the Year & the Four Seasons. To extend from our reading we created this fun project one day when Little Cousin was here visiting too.

Four Seasons Wheel

We created a similar wheel this summer at our Preschool Summer Camp with a weather based theme, so this was also an extension from our summer project.

We used several different materials to create the wheel as each season section was made a little differently.

Yellow and Green Paint
Brown Construction Paper
Foil Leaf Stickers
White glitter
White glue
Glue Stick
Paper plate
Black marker

Before beginning the project with the kiddos I divided each plate into four sections with the black marker. I also cut out four construction paper tree shapes for each child. 

When we started the project each kiddo glued one of the trees into one of their four sections using the glue stick. 

We then decorated each tree a little differently. We started with the fall tree and worked our way clockwise around the plate. As we worked we talked about what the four seasons were and how the trees might look during each season. 

How we decorated each tree: 
Fall - Foil leaf stickers.
Winter - White glue and a sprinkle of white glitter as "snow."
Spring- Green and yellow paint dots done with a Q-Tip to be "buds."
Summer  - Green paint pressed on with a cork to create a full, leafy tree.

When the kids were done decorating the wheels we let them dry. Afterwards I used the permanent marker to write the season onto each part. We used the clothespin to show what season we were currently in, which is winter of course. 

When spring finally comes, which feels very far away this chilly week, we can move our clothespin on to the next season. 

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