Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Bottle Ball Drop

So as I put this post together I had a little bit of Mama shock when I realized that I can no longer classify activities for Little Brother as "baby play," he has officially entered the realm of toddler hood. Somehow my little guy is no longer so little.

Little Brother continues to be a pretty on the move guy, so I'm always looking for ways to engage his energy. We spontaneously tried this activity one day, and it was a hit.

Last year we wound up with this big bottle from a job my husband was working on; we saved it because we figured it would be good for possible power outages. Little Brother had so much fun with some of the pom pom drop activities we did last month we were looking for other similar activities. We pulled the big bottle out one day with a handful of ping pong balls and gave it a try. 

He loved dropping the few ping pong balls in so much we purchased a package of plastic practice golf balls for even more play. (15 golf balls for less than $2!) 

I set the balls and bottle out on the floor and the minute Little Brother saw it he went to work. 

Each time he filled the bottle I dumped it out and he started again. The play continued for quite a while. Big Brother got involved a little later too, and became a helper for dumping it out.  

We're looking forward to finding some others ways to expand on this fun activity for Little Brother. What busy activities do you have to keep your toddler entertained?

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