Sunday, March 30, 2014

Egg Carton Tulips

In the past we've had fun using egg cartons for projects, we've made caterpillars and love bugs. So we were looking for a spring themed project and decided to make egg carton tulips!

To begin with, as there are no tulips in sight outside, we looked at a few pictures of tulips online and checked them out in the floral department of the grocery store. Big Brother liked the "striped" ones best.

Next we set out an egg carton bottom and paints, we kept our tulip colors to red, yellow, orange, and pink. Before painting I used a bamboo bbq skewer to poke small holes in the bottom of each carton cup. 

Big Brother painted the carton. He tried to make a few striped ones. When the top had dried we flipped it over and painted the inside too. 

After both sides had dried I cut the cartons apart and made the cups look like flowers. (So far the cutting of cartons is usually an adult job in our house, they can be really hard to cut.)

For the next step we gathered green pipe cleaners and green pony beads. Big Brother poked the pipe cleaner through the small holes I'd created before painting. 

After he put the pipe cleaner through we put a pony bead on the end that was inside the cup. With some modeling, I showed him how to fold the pipe cleaner over the pony bead to create a hook with a stopper. 

We pulled the pipe cleaner back down so the bead rested inside the cup. We put all tulips into a vase for our table and added some clear marbles to look like water. As we're still looking for ways to create signs of spring, we're pretty pleased with our pretty flowers!

What types of projects are you doing to make your house look ready for spring? 

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  1. I love this project, that really do look so bright and springy! Most of our egg cartons are the plastic kind, but I might have to get some cardboard ones so we can do this!

  2. I'm so glad you like the look of them! We've kept them on our table since we made them to help us remember spring is coming.