Monday, February 20, 2017

Paper Plate Wreaths for All 4 Seasons

In the last few years we've discovered how easy it is to make a "Paper Plate Wreath" using a paper plate and some decorations. In fact, we find them so easy we've made them for several different seasons and holidays!

Which is what inspired collecting all of these awesome posts from other bloggers too - because if they're that easy to make, why not make one for every season of the year?


To Be A Kid Again shares a great idea for creating a Recycled Wrapping Paper Winter Wreath using left over wrapping paper.

Washi tape helps make this paper plate wreath colorful just in time for the winter holidays in this Super Easy Washi Tape Wreath from 3 Dinosaurs.

Crafty Kids at Home shows how easy it is to paint a wreath with bubble wrap in order to create this Simple Bubble Wrap Holly Wreath. (Pictured in collage.)

Use yarn and pom pom decorations to create a Yarn Paper Plate Christmas Wreath for the holidays just like they did over at 3 Dinosaurs.

Keep it simple with paint and handprints like The Pinterested Parent did in order to create this Paper Plate Handprint Christmas Wreath.

Use green tissue paper crinkled into small balls to create this Christmas Wreath from Easy Crafts for Kids.

Simple Play Ideas shares several ideas for creating Easy Paper Plate Wreaths to be used during the holidays.

The Pinterested Parent shows tips for how to make a Yarn Wrapped Paper Plate Christmas Wreath.

Have little ones practice scissor skills while creating this Christmas Wreath Craft from School Time Snippets.

Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with this Shades of People Handprint Wreath which uses a variety of skin colored papers and traced hands. (Pictured in collage.)

Happy Hooligans shares a simple idea using paint and tissue paper to create this Paper Plate Valentine's Day Wreath(Pictured in collage.)


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day using  green paint and foam shamrocks to create this Kid-Made St. Patrick's Day Wreath(Pictured in collage.)

Sparklingbuds shares ideas for how to create a spring wreath using milk jug flowers and a paper plate.

Sparklingbuds uses this same cool milk jug strategy to create a Earth Day wreath that honors the Earth while using recycled materials.

Use tissue paper squares and a colorful flower to create this pretty Spring Wreath from East Coast Mommy.

Happy Hooligans used coffee filters to create this pretty Coffee Filter Easter Plate.

Use felt flower buttons to create a Paper Plate Felt Button Flower Wreath like they did over at 3 Dinosaurs. (Pictured in collage.)

We created our version of a flower wreath using paper tissue flowers in our May Day Tissue Flower Wreath(Pictured in collage.)


Kick off summer and create this patriotic wreath to get ready for Memorial Day weekend using this Ripped Paper Star Wreath idea from Play Dough and Popsicles(Pictured in collage.)

This colorful Rainbow Scrap Wreath from Teach-Me-Mommy could be made anytime of the year, but it would look great on a door during summer! (Pictured in collage.)

Heading to the Ocean for a summer vacation? These Ocean Themed Wreaths from 3 Dinosaurs are simple enough they could even be made on a trip!

Into watching several of the different summer sporting events? Create a Paper Plate Laurel wreath like The Gingerbread House did, and you can even wear it as a crown.


Fall is all about apple picking, so why not create this Apple Tree Wreath from Play Dough and Popsicles?

Tear Art Fall Wreath by Buggy and Buddy uses simple materials to create a wreath that many different age levels can try out. (Pictured in collage.)

Little hands can help put together this DIY Colorful Fall Wreath from Mommy's Bundle which uses natural materials.

Raising Little Supper Heroes shared a great idea to make this Kid-Made Paper Plate Spider Wreath for Halloween. (Pictured in collage.)

Got football lovers? Gearing up for a big game? Create this Easy Paper Football Wreath from Play Dough & Popsicles(Pictured in collage.)

Have everyone in the family create a handprint turkey and then make a Family Made Thanksgiving Wreath(Pictured in collage.)

I Heart Crafty Things shares how to turn the whole wreath into a turkey in this Paper Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath.

I just love some of the amazing ideas that these fantastic posts shared. I can't wait to try some of them out with the boys as the year continues. 

Our hope is to keep updating the post as we find more great paper plate wreath ideas, so don't forget to check back in! 

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