Friday, March 4, 2016

Kid-Made St. Patrick's Day Wreath

It's hard to believe that we're already jumping into March and thinking about the two holidays that are coming up this month: St. Patrick's Day and Easter. But, I have to say with these dreary, stalled-out, winter days going on I'm loving the bright greens and spring colors that come with these two holidays.

This project was a quick and easy way to make a kid-made St. Patrick's Day decoration. We were able to tackle it in two short project times after school (each part took less than 10 minutes) and the boys love the results.

Paper plates
Green, yellow, and white washable paint
Foam shamrocks/shamrock stickers

To prep for the activity, I cut a complete circle out of the center of each paper plate.

I set out three colors of paint: dark green, white, and a yellow-green. (I made the yellow green by mixing a little of the yellow paint into the green.) 

The boys then painted each of the paper plate circles. 

They both looked a little different. We then let the circles dry overnight.

The next day we got out the shamrocks! 
The larger ones we found at the dollar store (unfortunately they were not sticky.) The smaller ones we found at Michael's and we loved all the color choices of these foam stickers. 

After a quick hole punch in each one, the boys got to work decorating their wreaths. We had to add a little glue for the larger ones, but the smaller ones were easy to apply. Big Brother chose to only use little ones. Little Brother mixed it up. 

For Little Brother this was not only a fun art project, but such a great chance to work on fine motor skills too. Peeling the backs off of the stickers took careful work!

When the wreaths were done we added a little green ribbon to each wreath, 
and now our decorations were complete!

We're looking forward to finding some other ways we can celebrate the upcoming holiday,
including finding more ways we can decorate ahead of time! 

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