Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Made Thanksgiving Wreath

With Thanksgiving approaching there is no way you can celebrate the holidays without at least one hand traced turkey. This traditional craft remains a classic, except this time we put a new spin on it.

Family Made Thanksgiving Wreath

We decided why stop at one turkey when we can have a whole family of turkeys? And why not display them in a fun way, like a wreath?

Last year we discovered a great new Thanksgiving book, The Perfect Thanksgiving, by Eileen Spinelli. The story compares two different families and their Thanksgivings; one family has a peaceful, calm, beautiful dinner and the other family's dinner is a little more chaotic and noise filled. But both families' Thanksgivings fit their families and are full of love. 

We really enjoy the tales of these two families and the little handprint turkey that follows the characters through the book. 

We decided to create our own turkey handprints, one for each of us. 
The boys working on their handprints. 
I traced the boys' hands with pencils and then went over the lines with permanent marker. They colored them in any ay they wanted. (I added a beak, legs, and eyes to Little Brother's turkey.) I repeated the same steps for myself and Daddy. 

I also cut out a large circle shape from white scrapbook paper (12 x12) and a handful of solid, colorful leaves.

Big Brother helped me to glue on the leaves and turkeys so they were spread across the entire circle. 

After it dried I used a hole punch at the top of the wreath and tied ribbon through the wreath. We're hanging our wreath through the holiday. I'm even thinking we might make it a yearly thing so we can compare wreaths over the years. 

How about you? Have you made your Thanksgiving hand traced turkey yet?

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  1. love crafts like this!! I'm sure this wreath will hold a place in your home for many many years to come!