Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Veterinary Clinic Imaginary Play

It's always fun to mix up the boys' imaginary play by adding in a few extra props. Recently they've been playing with their stuffed animals more, so I decided to help them set up a Veterinary Clinic in the playroom for the day.

Before playing I put together a short "Veterinary Check-Up" sheet that the boys could use to keep track of their patients. Although we gathered several other toys together, this extra prop was really fun for the boys to add into the play. I made several copies so they could take in several patients during the day. 

In addition to the printable, I also gathered up several pieces of their pretend doctor kits and put several miniature pom-poms into a small container (to be vitamins and medicines.) Later I added several pieces of fabric gauze from our first aid kit and a ruler. I placed all the pieces on a wooden tray, which made it feel more official to the boys.

I showed the boys the tray and together we collected some stuffed animals that might need to visit a veterinarian. We set them up on a "waiting bench" in the playroom.

Now it was time to see the patients! The boys would "call" one of the patients over to the table and then proceed with the check-up. 

The regular check-up in involved pretending to check the animal's weight (using our small light up board as a scale), measuring the animal, and checking their heart rate. 

Depending on the patient, the boys decided what each patient needed in addition to a regular check-up. Sometimes they needed shots, other times a wrap for a broken leg or arm. Other times they just needed a few pieces of "medicine" and then they were all set to go. As they worked the boys took notes on their patients by using the printable check off sheet. 

I joined in too - sometimes I was bringing in the patient and other times I was another one of the vets. We left the tray of veterinarian supplies set up so that we could play more later in the week agin. 

Have any future veterinarians in the house? Don't forget to print off the Check-Up List by clicking here so they can play too!

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