Saturday, November 5, 2016

Painted Pumpkins

This was a great rainy day activity a few weeks ago on a dreary Saturday afternoon. And although we did it as a lead up to Halloween, it would also be a great way to use any pumpkins that were not carved on Halloween.

Another great part of this activity is that it can be enjoyed by a variety of ages. We painted the pumpkins with our cousins, so the age range on this activity day were one 3 year old, two 6 year olds, and one 10 year old. Everybody took it to their own level and everyone loved their finished product. 
craft acrylic paints
small pumpkins 
paint brushes
glitter (optional)

The kids each picked the colors they wanted and each took one small pumpkin. They then painted different designs and images onto their pumpkin. 

The oldest (age 10) turned her pumpkin into a face, while the two middle painters painted pretty designs and colors. 

Little Brother (age 3) started with a pattern, and in the end mixed the colors until he got a blue-green color that he really liked. If they wanted to, they sprinkled glitter onto the pumpkin while the paint was still wet. 

The pumpkins had to dry for several hours before we could use them for decoration. They were able to group them in the kitchen for some easy, fall decorations. 

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