Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Turkey Name Plate

With Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching the last few weeks have brought some opportunities to play with turkeys.

This Turkey Name Plate activity proved to be a fun way for Little Brother to practice spelling his name while getting in the seasonal mood.

Paper plate
Colorful construction paper/card stock
Glue stick
White glue
Pipe cleaner pieces
Google eyes

1) Ahead of time I folded the paper plate in half and stapled it shut. I spaced the staples out so there were 4 large gaps between each one. (I decided I would make one also, as a model.) 
2) I also cut out a turkey body, 4 different colored feathers (one for each letter), and a small beak from the construction paper. 
3) I used a black marker to put one letter of the name we wanted to practice onto the feathers. 

Creating the Turkey:
First we colored the paper plates with the markers. I made a pattern, while Little Brother tried to fill his in. After we were done coloring we glued the bodies onto the plates using the glue stick. 

We then used the white glue to add on the eyes and beak. (I love how these mini glue tubes from Elmer make projects easy for even little hands.)

 Finally, we poked the pipe cleaner pieces through the bottom of the plate. This turned out to really be an adult job. Now we had two finished turkeys!

We could have let our turkeys dry a little, but we were too eager to try the name part.  Using the gaps between the staples we slid the papers with the feathers into each slot.

As he worked Little Brother had to look through his letters and think about his name. He would find the next letter and add it to the next slot on the plate. 

Not only was this good letter and name recognition practice, but there was also a fine motor component as he worked to slide the pieces into the slots. 

We played with the turkeys several times, and then left them to dry. Little Brother's gone back to his name plate a few times over the last week, and they've also looked great as Thanksgiving decorations on the hutch! 

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