Thursday, January 14, 2016

Snowball Fight Painting

Little Brother is quickly approaching three (how did that happen?!) but in true toddler fashion he still tends to like projects best that are pretty quick. If there are too many steps to a project it tends to lose his interest. This snowball fight painting was right up his alley the other day though.

While we've been happy to get a little snow, it's still not quite enough to enjoy our typical winter activities and we find ourselves wishing for more snow. Until then, we're trying to create winter fun in other ways.

Black Marker (permanent works best)
Washable white paint
Cotton Balls
Colored construction paper

This project uses "clothespin painting" as a hands on painting technique. I first learned of clothespin painting in this post from Fantastic Fun and Learning about pom pom painting. Pom Poms clip into a clothespin and they become the "paintbrush." In our painting activity we used the same technique, just we used cotton balls instead. 

Before painting I quickly drew stick people onto the construction paper with black marker. (Older kids could do this part themselves.) I put the white paint onto a shallow dish so it was easy to dip into. 

Then Little Brother could begin painting. He dipped the cotton balls into the paint and dabbed the paper so that the people were throwing "snowballs at each other." 

Of course, the "snowball fight" got a little more active . . . and pretty quickly the people were covered with snow. Next we made another picture, this time of Mama and Daddy having a snowball fight. 

This was a really fun way to paint for the season, and perfect for Little Brother's stage right now. 

Now only if we can get a little more real snow . . . 

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  1. This is my kind of snowball fight - the kind that doesn't end in tears! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot!