Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sight Word Bracelets

As I mentioned earlier this month in our "Wintery Mix" Sight Words post, Big Brother's reading is starting to take off which is really exciting for those of us around him. Beyond having him pick a short book to read to us each day, we continue to find ways to have fun with reading skills at home. When we're practicing here at home, my goal is to keep the learning light, fun, and playful.

Big Brother has always loved beading, so combining some learning with alphabet beads was a perfect fit. And the perfect chance to practice more sight words.

This was also a great after school activity, it didn't take too long so there was also lots of time for needed free play. 

Pipe Cleaners (I cut ours so they were about two thirds as long as the originals)
Alphabet Beads (These wooden ones from Wal-Mart worked really well) 
Sight Word Cards 

I made our sight word cards using Big Brother's lists from school and index cards cut in half. But you can also buy packs of them at a store or find printable ones on the internet. 

I put out all the materials for Big Brother in a small basket and explained he could make sight word bracelets. He quickly started searching through the basket for the first set of beads. 

As he found the ones he was looking for he placed them onto the card. 

Once he had all the beads he put them onto a pipe cleaner and we wrapped the ends around each other to make a circle. 

He made several the first time around and then wore them to school later in the week. Not only did he practice the words while building them, he can practice reading them while wearing the bracelets. 

And, when we're done with these words we can take the bracelets apart and build some more!

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