Friday, January 22, 2016

Confetti Snow Dough

Over the holiday break I took a bag of confetti out of the party box as we got ready to celebrate New Year's Eve. Yet, I couldn't quite bring myself to let confetti out free rein with the boys . . . who knows what corners of the house it would wind up in.

Mid-month I got the idea of mixing the confetti into some fun sensory play and we came up with this confetti snow dough.

In the past we've had fun making "Cold" Sparkle and Snow Dough which we originally learned of through Growing a Jeweled Rose. This is such a great sensory recipe that creates an actual cold feeling sensory snow. This time we enjoyed throwing in a little extra special sparkle: the confetti! 

1 4lb. box of baking soda
1 container of shaving cream
1 cup of party confetti

We dumped the baking soda into a large plastic bin and mixed in the confetti. Next we squeezed in the entire container of shaving cream. 

After squeezing in the shaving cream we mixed the dough together by hand. This part is DEFINITELY messy, so I would recommend keeping towels on hand nearby. Even the boys thought it was a little too messy, so I wound up doing most of the mixing. 

Once it was all mixed we had a sparkly dough that was cool to the touch and could stick together like a real snowball. We started out by molding it and making snowmen. 

The boys also added in plastic cookie cutters for shaping mounds and attempting to make cookies. And then of course, one of our go-to toys: cars and trucks. The confetti snow dough became mounds of snow for the vehicles to navigate. 

I have to admit, this is one of the doughs that even I love playing with. The texture is just so cool! It was fun to add in the color this time around. 

We're definitely enjoying playing with winter both indoors and out! We can't wait to find some other ways to create with the season. 


  1. So fun!
    We had fun making a confetti play dough this New Year's too. I keep wanting to try this kind of dough -- with baking soda and shaving cream. I bet it is super fun for the kids.

    1. It was a good way to add in the colorful things. The dough is very fun as it's chilly to the touch when you first make it!