Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Textures Basket

There's something about November that is so drab and brown, but yet also can be really pretty. Recently Little Brother and I had the chance to get out for a walk just the two of us. Because the weather was beautiful and sunny the dried plants, leaves, and trees really captured our eyes. We love finding ways to explore nature connections, especially when we take a walk. 

This time we brought the materials home with us to create a Fall Textures Basket, an easy way to create some toddler sensory play. 
On our walk we collected bark, dried grasses, galls, dried milkweed pods, pinecones, dried flowers, and a few other materials. I held onto the items we collected. Once we got home we put all our nature finds into a large basket.

Little Brother began exploring the materials we had found. As he did so we talked about the different textures. I used words like smooth, rough, soft, bumpy, hard, etc. as he touched the different objects. 

Because Little Brother is still really working on expanding his expressive vocabulary, I had him practice saying the words too. 

His favorite materials were the softer ones, although he was also intrigued by things he could pull apart. 

I had thought we might go on to create a quick sticky collage with our nature materials, but in the end he was really just happy exploring the basket. It proved to be a great way to explore these nature connections while increasing his language skills, and providing a  fall toddler sensory experience. 

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