Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Create a Dinosaur Pop-Up Card

This is a fun design for a pop-up card that we've used a few times now for friends' birthdays. We like to call it a "dinosaur" but with a few changes in color it could also be a monster!

We had the chance to make one this past weekend for a friend of Big Brother's sixth birthday. It's also a great project now that the new movie The Good Dinosaur is almost out in theaters!

Three sheets or card stock 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (we used white, red, and green).*
Glue stick
Googly eyes
Scrap paper in white and yellow

*Material note, the best way to get this size piece of construction paper is to cut an 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock in half. 

Fold each of the sheets of card stock in half so that you have three cards which are all 4 x 5.5 inches. 

Make a horizontal cut on the fold about half way down the green card. Do not cut all the way across the card. The cut should be about two to three inches long.

The next part is the trickiest part, but the most important as it makes the dinosaur "mouth." Take one side of the fold and push it inward so that it makes a point, or triangle, on the inside of the card. Repeat with the other side of the cut. On the outside the card will look like half of a diamond. On the inside there will be two triangle pop outs on either side of the cut.

Use the glue stick to attach the red piece of card stock to the outside of the green piece of card stock. We put glue onto the red piece, being careful not to glue where the diamond shape is on the green card. But, it might be easier to glue on the green piece. When gluing make sure you line the green fold up inside the red fold. 

Next glue the white piece of card stock onto the outside of the red card stock, also using the glue stick. (The three pieces should go in this order now: white on the outside, red in the middle, and green on the inside.) 

Use the white scrap paper to cut out some "dinosaur" triangle teeth. We glued these into the mouth by putting a little bit of glue onto the flat side of the triangle and putting the teeth into the mouth. 

We also cut small yellow circles out and glued those into the card, to be part of the eyes. Big Brother wrote a message on the front of the card, and we added the final piece: two googly eyes. 

Once the glue dried we had a fun dinosaur card to share! The mouth widens and closes as the card opens and shuts with big teeth showing! 

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