Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pool Noodle Sword

This homemade toy was a huge hit in our house recently! We had thought about buying some foam swords for our Simple Summer Theme Castle Week, but were a little surprised to see them for $5 each. We knew we needed four: for the boys, Little Buddy, and Big Cousin.

Rather than spend $20, I spent less than $3 on putting together all 4 swords. 

To begin with, I purchased two pool noodles from the dollar store (for $1 each, of course!) I cut each pool noodle in half. We used sparkly craft foam we already had on hand, I let each kiddo choose their own colors. 

Materials (for one sword): 
1/2 a pool noodle
duct tape
circle of craft foam about 1 inch wider than the pool noodle
one foam strip (about 1 and 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches long)

Tape the strip of foam to the bottom of one end of the pool noodle with the duct tape. Next tape the other end of the foam up higher on the pool noodle. Tape it so that the foam piece makes a slight bump/curve off of the noodle. (To make a handle.) 

Use a knife/exacto knife and cut an "X" into the middle of the foam circle. Don't make the edges of the "X" go too close to the edges of the circle. 

Slide the circle over the top of the pool noodle (the end opposite the handle) and slide it down so it rests on top of the handle. You can tape above it, but we didn't. 

That's it, the pool noodle sword is complete! We had some excited knights and a queen practicing some fancy fencing in our house!

I'm sure you have some kiddos who would love it too!

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