Monday, August 24, 2015

35+ Fall Painting Ideas for Kiddos

With fall on the horizon it's time to start thinking about what fall activities and projects we might be looking forward to. We love painting projects, and especially enjoy finding new things and ways to paint. In order to be inspired we've collected over 35 different ideas for fall painting activities from some amazing bloggers!

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Painting Ideas by Themes
We've found so many amazing ideas for fall painting, we decided to group them by themes: Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins, Fall Colors, and More . . .

1. Paint with crab apples to get a variety of sized apple prints from Kitchen Floor Crafts.
2. Raising Little Superheroes shares an idea for using painted footprints to create adorable red apples.
3. Use dot paints and a free printable from The Resourceful Mama to paint an apple any color you'd like!
4. After you let your apple prints dry you can turn the best prints into apple stick puppets just like Best Toys 4 Toddlers did.
5. Pom-pom paint red apples onto a this printable apple tree from The Resourceful Mama.
6. Crafty-Morning shares how to use the traditional apple stamping idea to create a colorful fall tree!

7. Preschool Powol Packets shares an idea for using miniature pumpkins to create prints.
8. Kid's Creative Chaos recommends painting with miniature pumpkins and gourds and then letting the paint dry on the gourds to create a beautiful centerpiece.
9. Crafts on Sea painted a pumpkin white (which created a great canvas) and then let their toddler finger paint it!
10. We used the rhyme "Five Little Pumpkins" to inspire these handprint pumpkins sitting on a fence.

11. Create abstract fall leave paintings like Mini Monets and Mommies.
12. Teaching Two and Three Year Olds used corks to paint leaf shapes on their easel, it looks a little messy but very fun for kiddos!
13. Use droppers to watercolor vibrant leaves like these gorgeous leaves from Teaching Two and Three Year Olds.
14. Messy Little Monsters painted leaves and turned them into adorable monsters!
15. Kids' Craft Room used contact paper and leaves with paint to create a really neat painted window hanging!
16. Use clear/white wax and rub leaves with it onto paper. Watercolor on top like Kids' Craft Room and create colorful leaf rubbings.
17. You can always let your toddler or little finger paint collected fall leaves, and then turn the art into other projects like Mini Monets and Mommies.
18. When KCEdventures painted their fall tree in their Trees Through the Seasons post, they used actual sticks to create the trees.
19. A variety of neat paintbrushes and a cool baby oil technique can create a beautiful tree image like 3 Dinosaurs created.
20. 3 Dinosaurs also used a scrubber to create colorful fall trees.
21. Painted leaves can also be used to make pretty and interesting printed designs, which they discovered over at Preschool Powol Packets.
22. Use brown paint to print both your child's hand and forearm to create a tree, add cut out leaves or stickers to create a full fall tree.
23. Q-tips create delicate fall leaves on these trees from Mess for Less.
24. Even if you live far away from autumn, you can create your own trees and stamps like Mama.Papa. Bubba to create a gorgeous fall tree painting.
25. Paint bubble wrap with watercolors like they did at Crafty Morning, and when it dries use the artwork to create the tops of cardboard tube trees.

Fall Colors
26. Use a variety of fall colors, a brayer, and bubble wrap so that even the littlest hands can paint easily like the kiddos did over at Teaching Two and Three Year Olds.
27. Little Bins for Little Hands shares a great idea for using fall colors to create a textured painting: crumpled paper and tongs!
28. Marbles and paints in fall colors can create a beautiful paper. Munchkins and Moms marble painted and then used the papers to create homemade decorations.
29. We've heard of potato stamping, but Sunny Day Family extended it to sweet potato stamp painting with fall colors.
30. 3 Dinosaurs shares an idea for using fall colors and water beads to create paintings that look like marbled paper!
31. Want something larger to paint with than marbles? Happy Hooligans uses fall colors and golf balls to paint!
32. Blotto painting is always fun, here Buggy & Buddy use the strategy and fall paints to create beautifully colored images.

And Even More Ideas . . . 
33. Sponge paint a football like they folks over at The Resourceful Mama created.
34. Painted pine cones in fall colors could be used in a variety of ways, Teaching Two and Three Year Olds turned them into adorable owls.
35. Use a little paint like Easy Crafts for Kids to turn an recycled can into a fall wind chime.
36. Let toddlers use an ear of Indian Corn to create a textured fall painting like we did last year.
37. You can also create your fall painting right on a window or mirror, here Mess for Less creates fall trees.
38. Using fall cookie cutters like they did at Dirt and Boogers is such a great, simple, and hands on way to paint.

We can't wait to try some of these ideas out, and hopefully come up with a few new creative ideas over the next few months! 

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And don't forget to take a look at some of the other amazing fall posts my fellow bloggers have put together. Lots of ideas to share with others and pin on Pinterest! 

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  1. So funnyy, I think I can smell the paint and pumpkins from your vivid photos. Nice ideas to try with some three year olds I know.


    1. Thanks! I hope the kiddos enjoy the activities!

  2. This i a really awesome round-up! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Thanks, we're pretty excited about the ideas too!

  3. Wow! This is such an amazing resource for fall art!