Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Roll A Snowman Collage

In the fall we had a lot of fun creating and playing with our Build A Monster Game. Reading the book All You Need for a Snowman inspired us to create a snowman version.

I decided unlike our monster game to make it an art project. As we rolled the dice we collected different pieces for a snowman. At the end of the game we glued our snowman together as a collage.

Before the activity I cut three different sized circles out of white card stock, hat shapes out of colorful scrapbook paper, and orange triangle noses from card stock. I also added in scraps of ribbon for scarves, googly eyes, and sequins to use for either a mouth or buttons. We used the same dice from our monster game (made from a foam counting cube bought in a pack of 100 from the dollar store) which is marked with the numbers 11 through 16. I've been noticing that Big Brother could use some more practice with reading and saying teen numbers. 

This time I put the materials into the bins and labeled each bin with one of the numbers on the dice using a wet erase marker. 

To play we took turns rolling the dice and taking the object which matched with that number. We laid our snowman pieces onto an 8x11 piece of paper. 

Before Big Brother could take the object, he had to read the number on the dice out loud. If a player already had the item they rolled than they missed a turn and the dice went back to the other person. Players continued until they had enough materials to make a snowman. Big Brother also added a rule which was if you already had the item, but you rolled that number, than you could trade it in for a different color or piece. 

When we both had collected enough items to make a snowman we glued our snowmen to the paper. 

After gluing, we chose on our own how to glue our snowman onto the paper. Below: Big Brother's finished work!

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